Thursday, March 21, 2013


Well, tomorrow we will complete week 3 of Whole30.  I have to say, it has been an experience - and overall, a positive one. 

You may be saying, what is Whole30?  It is a lifestyle change. It is basically omitting certain food groups from your diet completely. 

We no longer eat any sugar, sweeteners, dairy, grains, legumes, white potatoes or corn.  We read labels like never before and do not purchase anything with chemicals.  

We DO eat meat, fish, eggs and fresh vegetables and fruits.  We eat clarified butter and olive oil and avocados.  We eat almonds and walnuts and macadamias and pecans.  We try to buy organic foods and grass-fed or wild-caught meats and fish.  We do the best we can. 

When we started, I wasn't certain I could succeed.  They make great promises in the book "It Starts with Food."  They also make you aware of how our foods have changed out metabolisms and our hormones - creating many health issues.

I can say - I no longer crave any particular food. When I get hungry, I am hungry for good food.  I can look at sweets with absolutely no desire to eat them.  I have lost weight - and my hubby has lost even more! (naturally)  My blood sugar is normal.  I feel better.  I now can tell when I am hungry and when I am eating because I am bored.

The only "down" side is I also am cooking constantly.  I have to think ahead and plan more than ever.
I do get weary of it at times - there's no "bowl of cereal" or "can of soup" for supper.  If we eat, I have to cook.  I struggle to eat enough vegetables and coming up with new ways to cook things - is a challenge.  We have made our own sausage.  Yesterday, Jayna and I made mayonnaise, that actually looks like mayo!  I've made strawberry vinaigrette.  You cannot purchase clarified have to make it. So,  for me, it is work - but I am hoping it is going to make us healthier.

Eating out is a real challenge - but we have managed when necessary.  We are definitely eating at home more than we did before.

My daughter, Sara, asked me, "Are you going to keep eating like this after 30 days?"  I said, "Probably."  Why would I want to go back to eating things that are harmful to me?

We'll see...

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