Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Listening to the Thunder

As usual, I just woke up...I've fallen asleep in the recliner...missed the ending of Chopped...who won?
Never mind - it really doesn't matter.

It's raining (pouring) outside and as I sit here, I can hear the train whistle in the distance.  It's thundering...that slow, distant rumble...and at times, that crackle that tells you  there is lightning somewhere too.  Do sounds bring back memories to you?  They do to me. 

Thunder makes me think of...
  • My kids coming and crawling into bed with us (when they were small) 
  • Lying in bed at my Grandmother McMahan's (Ma)...in the hot summertime...it was SO dark...crickets (or was it frogs?)chirping...going to the dreaded storm cellar
  • Watching the night sky for tornadoes when we lived in Denmark, AR
  • Just loving a steady summer rain
  • The 12" snow we got in Batesville the year Cary was born...how it thundered!
  • It's the "angels bowling"...it is "God giving us water"...all the things I used to tell my children when they were afraid...singing Philippians 4:8
Listening to the thunder, I'm reminded of those who have no home...or who are cold and wet...or hungry...or in despair...or lonely.  I am so blessed.

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Alex and Jill said...

Wish I could have remembered "the angels bowling" or "God giving us water" the other night. Amelia asked "what's that?" while lying in bed. I told her it was the thunder and she said, "I no like thunder." We'll definitely be singing Phil 4:8 next time. :)