Friday, October 15, 2010


I know we've all seen the commercials listing things purchased and then the final thing, such as time with your child...priceless.

The ages of our grandchildren range from 17 years down to 11 months.  It seems like it's been so long since the older ones were tiny.  Lately, I've gotten to spend some time with some of the younger grandchildren, doing the things I once did with the older ones: playing, singing, laughing...

Last night, I got to lie down with Jackson (almost 3yr. old), supposedly for him to go to sleep - a habit we've gotten into.

Granny: "Do you like chocolate gravy?" 
Jackson: "I DO like chocolate gravy!"  (and we had it this morning)

He loves the little projector that puts a picture on the ceiling while it plays through several songs.  The picture is an ocean scene: a whale, a crab, a turtle and a jellyfish... 
Jackson:  "Where is the jellyfish?" 
Granny: "In the jelly jar"
(He had to go check it out.)

Jackson: "Where is my wheelbarrow?" 
Granny: "In the living room"
Jackson: "I want it."
Granny: "It has to stay there so I can put a treat in it."
Jackson: "You are going to put a treat in my wheelbarrow?"
Granny: "Yes."
Jackson: "OK"
(he loved his package of gum!)

One of the songs it plays is "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".  He has it in a book and knows it by heart.  Last night, I began to sing when it came on and suddenly, Jackson is lying close beside me singing in a sweet, high little voice - right on key.  (Where's the video camera when you need it?)  I will treasure these memories long after he has outgrown lying down with Granny to go to sleep.


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Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I love it when they spend the night, you get to see them in such a sweet way:)) the other day I told Laila " I love you Laila, she looked me in the face so sweet and said I love you to Nana:)) just so sweet!!